13 Jun

“We band of Brothers” Team England ETC16

Another team of ETC will use some of our Stuff, at Athens. The guys of Team England have choosen our custom Dice Bags to represent the esence of England warriors.

Saint George Peter

Sant George Dragon Slayer

The main logo includes Sant George riding a horse beating a dragoon, like the legend tells. The English Team for the fabric have choose black and red pseudo felt fabric, who gives a luxury effect to the bag.

At the other side, they have choose a Henry V, text who represent the idea of what a ETC team should to be, nice election mates!!!.


Black felted Dice Bag

We Few, we happy few, we band of brothers!.The man that sheds his blood whith me, shall be my brother, however humble he may be this day will elevate his status.

Henry V


Red felted Dice Bag


Henry V text printed on the backside

Good luck Band of Brothers!!!


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